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EarthLink Telecommunications is the largest provider of domestic and international leased line services. Our leased lines connect telecommunication network elements between geographically distant locations on a semi permanent basis and are used as a private resource for transmission capacity for cellular and fixed Line telephony, Data Communication or Internet service applications.

Intranet network must be having to latest standardized infrastructure skills in managing separate local area networks (LANs) across multiple locations. Your global LANs carry ever more critical business traffic and need to support a growing number of applications and innovations. With constant changes in technology, your in-house skills quickly become outdated. Without 24/7 management, your LANs could become unstable, bringing work to a standstill.

EarthLink LAN Management takes over the day-to-day management of your LAN infrastructure across your global sites. With us managing all your LAN administration, your local networks are more reliable, enabling consistent access to business-critical applications and information.

Intranet networks are based on two topologies, Local networks and distant networks. Both categories have the same concept from running closed group of computer over single predefined network and following the standardized ring topology of communications. Local that locates on same building area and Distant which connects building or branches to others without the need of internet service.

We can supply and maintain all your Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). Our proactive fault management options mean we can often resolve problems remotely to ensure service continuity. What we also offer here is to define, implement and enforce appropriate security policies. By optimising your LANs, this can help you to prepare for wireless networks and Fibre Optic networks. This can improve organisational collaboration, lowering costs and making greater use of specialist skills.

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