We've extended optical cables at depths of up to 3 meters, to ensure greater protection, and to prevent the possible interruption with any other infrastructure work.

We've implemented the biggest Infrastructure project in Iraq within 1 year only.

Iraqi National Project

Earthlink DMCC is the majority owner of the Iraq National Backbone project; IQNBB is a joint venture between EarthLink, and Symphony, that builds a network that reaches most urban areas. The project aims to increase the capacity and penetration rate of the Internet in Iraq. 

Between March 2016 and June 2017, IQNBB successfully built a new backbone network, an alternative to MoC owned Fibre optic network, it offers much higher capacity and uses state-of-art technologies. Additionally, The new system is an alternative to existing submarine networks that reached the Middle East from Europe either via the Suez Canal or by a longer route around the Horn of Africa. It offers the highest capacity and lowest latency of any Europe-to-Middle-East communications solution. The new terrestrial route from the Kurdistan region of Iraq to Europe via Turkey also includes new long haul routes to most of the major cities throughout Iraq.

Project’s Mission

Creating a developed international digital podium based on a high-capacity fiber-optic infrastructure network, enabling Iraq to have a secure government network which will establish active e-government, the project also aims to make internet accessible to all Iraqis at high speeds and low prices, and finally to connect the world digitally through Iraq by transiting the international capacities.

Project’s Vision

Putting Iraq in the rank of developed countries by getting benefit from the project to make the country a producer of data and information and thus knowledge rather than a consumer, which will be the cornerstone for the economy and community development as well as the growth of national security by providing the necessary infrastructure for a better defense mechanism.

Project Implementation Phase

First Phase (Backbone)

lay the fiber optics between the global network and the central sites in the cities.

Second Phase (Metro network)

lay the Fiber optics from the central sites of IQB to the nodes within the cities then lay the last mile fibers to the end-users.

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